About Dehenna

Hi, I’m Dehenna.

I’m incredibly honoured to be the MP for Bishop Auckland.

I live in High Etherley with my rescue puppy, Carter, and we can regularly be seen out walking around Etherley and Toft Hill.

I worked near Lanchester for a great County Durham start up. We helped secure funding for companies who are investing in Research and Development. In the role, I have worked with clients ranging from peanut butter manufacturers to drone companies to gasket makers, and of all shapes and sizes.

Before that, though, I had all kinds of jobs, including working in restaurants, in a betting shop, in a casino, and more. I also spent two and a half years working in retail at Grainger Games before facing redundancy as it went into administration. So I have first hand experience of the trouble our high streets have been facing.

I often get asked why I got involved in politics. People often assume that it’s because my family are political, or because I’m just interested in my career, but that really couldn’t be further from the truth.

It all started when I was 13, and my Dad was killed by a single punch. He was only 35, and losing him was an enormous blow to my whole family. The following few years saw some incredibly difficult times for us all. I had to support my Mum and my Nan through several rounds of court proceedings, so I grew up a lot, and very quickly.

Having learnt early about injustice, I didn’t want other young people to have to go through the same experiences. I wanted to make a difference and try and do some good. But, at such a young age, I wasn’t sure how best to do that. Then, totally by accident, at age 16, I discovered politics.

I realised that going into politics would provide an opportunity to shape the future of our society. To fix injustices. To make life better for people. And that is exactly what I will do here as the MP for Bishop Auckland.

Outside of politics, I love spending time with my pup, taking him for walks at Hedleyhope Fell and out across Teesdale. I also go running, and try and tie that into charity fundraising - earlier this year I completed the Great North Run for the first time to raise funds for Butterwick Hospice. I’m also a bit of a tech-head, and am very geeky when it comes to virtual reality and video gaming.

I hope to meet lots of you in the coming weeks, and to work with you as your MP for years to come.