​​​​​​Teesdale Sailing and Watersports Club Discuss Plans to Get Club Cruising

Members of Teesdale Sailing and Watersports Club committee meet with local MP, Dehenna Davison, to discuss their plans for expansion. 

Davison met with members of the committee to discuss the ins and outs of what they do at the club. She toured their facilities and learnt about how they deliver fantastic sailing activities as a community sports club reliant mainly on volunteers.

Committee member Richard said:

“It was great to have our local MP take an interest in a small sports club trying to provide sailing and water sports activities in Teesdale.

“She was able to see our fleet of training boats and view the recently constructed shed and changing rooms, and how we hope to construct a new building at the foot of the boat park to house our safety boats.”

As well as her tour Dehenna sat down with the committee to chat about their plans to build a new waterside club house, such plans that will significantly help develop facilities for existing and new members post COVID.

After her visit Dehenna said:

“It’s great to have such a fantastic sailing club in our community and I am grateful to the team for showing me around and telling me a little about the history of the club.

I am excited to see how the development of the lake progresses and look forward to working with them to help build the new club house. I hope to come back next year to have a go on the water myself."