MP praises “thriving” local charity after a visit to Shildon Alive

Earlier today Dehenna Davison MP visited Shildon Alive, a local community run project, where she discussed the aims and schemes in place to help support people in need, and to help people make friends and learn new skills


Shildon Alive, a Saint John’s church project, offers a range of services including food aid, a credit union, memory cafes and a gardening community that encourages and educates residents with the skills and pleasure of growing your own food.


Dehenna said:


““Meeting Paula was a real pleasure, and it’s clear to see why Shildon Alive is thriving with such a great woman at the helm.


The community shop initiative is fantastic, and helps to break down the stigma often associated with using a foodbank. There is clearly great joined up thinking, with the additional facilities like the credit union on site, all providing crucial help to some of the most in need.


Hearing stories firsthand from the staff and volunteers about their own experiences and the people they have supported was very moving, and I will do what I can to support Shildon Alive throughout my time as the local MP.”


Alongside their handwork in the local community, the project also tackles waste. Supermarkets can drop off any items which they would send to landfill and shoppers can fill their basket for a £1 or a donation with the profits going back to charity.