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UPDATED 23/02/2020

The Prime Minister has announced strict measures that will significantly limit our day-to-day lives to save thousands of others. 

This will be under constant review, and will be reassessed after THREE WEEKS. Only then, and only if evidence shows it is working to slow the spread, will rules will start to be relaxed.

Huge numbers of you are complying to the guidelines - to those I say a heartfelt thank you - and many of you have also got in touch concerned that too many aren’t listening.

As a result, the time has now come for us to do more. From this evening, we all must follow the simple instruction to stay at home. 


  • SHOPPING FOR BASIC ESSENTIALS - like food and medicine. This should be done as little as possible, and home delivery should be used where you can.
  • ONE FORM OF EXERCISE A DAY - for example a run, walk or cycle, alone or just with members of your household.
  • MEDICAL NEEDS - Any medical need, or to provide care or help a vulnerable person. Consult the NHS 111 service if you are unsure.
  • TRAVELLING TO AND FROM WORK - ONLY for essential jobs, and where work cannot be done from home


The Prime Minister has also stressed the importance of social distancing. You SHOULD NOT be meeting with anyone who does not live within your home. This includes:

  • Family members who live elsewhere
  • Friends
  • Colleague

You should NOT be meeting friends and we all have a responsibility now to tell those who do ask you to meet to say no. 

If you don’t follow these rules, POLICE WILL HAVE THE POWERS TO ENFORCE THESE RULES, including fines and breaking up gatherings


Shops selling non-essential goods (including clothing and electronics) WILL BE CLOSED IMMEDIATELY.

Other premises like libraries, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and places of worship WILL BE CLOSED IMMEDIATELY. 

We will also stop: 

  • All gatherings of more than two people in public (excluding people you live with) will be stopped.
  • Weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies - BUT funerals will continue
  • Parks will remain open for exercise, BUT gatherings will be dispersed.

These are tough decisions and will have huge impacts on our day-to-day lives. But, if we get this right and flatten the curve, we will be able to save lives and significantly help our NHS workers through this tremendously difficult time. 

As always, if you need any assistance please contact

Stay safe. We are in this together.

Dehenna x